6 professional tips in cleaning..

  • Decluttering

Sometimes, we have personal things in our house that is already too old to use or maybe they are not useable anymore. The best way to clear things up is to start putting away those things that doesn’t belong in a certain place.

  • Trash bag

Trash bag will always be a nice pair when it comes to decluttering stuffs, this can make things easy for you. In addition this will help keep your home clutter-free without any items that you haven’t been used in the past months or years.

  • Cleaning materials

When you start cleaning the house, you need to pick tools or materials that you need during the cleaning. Keep in mind to bring with you the most important things like the disinfectant for hygiene purposes, detergent, bleach, cleaning clothes, brush and etc.

  • Vacuum

To get rid of dust or mites, a vacuum can be your best friend. According to a famous website couches or mattresses can have more than 10, 000 dust mites living on the surface. So it is important to vacuum your furniture at least once or twice a week.

  • Dish soap as glass cleaner

Dish soap is invented for utensils cleaning that can leave them shiny, brand new looking and free from bacteria. So it is best to use dish soap rather than any glass cleaner.

  • Clean appliances right away

After using the appliances it is important to clean them right away especially toasters, ovens, and anything that works with heat food spillage can stain very easily and when it becomes too cold, it’ll be difficult to clean them .

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